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Women on Top

“Like it or not, the dominatrix is a part of us.
The black leather catsuit entered mainstream culture in the 1960s and remains. Strong, independent women capable of kicking a man’s butt like Catwoman, or the more contemporary Lara Croft, are viewed as role models by many young girls worldwide. The Women’s Liberation Movement continues to wield influence as more and more women attend college, attain professional status, and pursue careers and economic independence. Every movement has its price, but fetishism notwithstanding, perhaps the dominatrix has had more of an impact than most care to believe.”

Stephen Betchen D.S.W., Psychology Today “Sexually Dominant Women and the Men Who Desire Them”

blackliquid Tokyoska

Xandrah Sciavo

Euridice Qork

Grazia Horwitz

Khronoz Darkness

Marissa Almodovar

Xandrah Sciavo


Stylists and photographers: blackLiquid Tokyoska, Euridice Qork, Grazia Horwitz, Khronoz Darkness, Marissa Almodovar, Xandrah Sciavo.

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