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Very few Second Life® stylists and photographers have a vision and talent for breathing life into all things otherworldly and fantastical quite like Wicca Merlin of Wicca’s Wicked Wardrobe and the design house, Wicca’s Originals. Step into a futuristic dystopian world today and into the mind of this skilled visionary with her latest adventure, “Cyberpunk.”

Nin knew how much humans loved money, riches, and material things—though he never really could understand why. The more technologically advanced the human species got, the more isolated they seemed to become, at the same time. It was alarming, how humans could spend entire lifetimes engaged in all kinds of activities, without getting any closer to knowing who they really were, inside.”

Jess C. Scott, The Other Side of Life

Top, Shorts & Vest by A&Y
Mechanical Spine by Wicca’s Originals
Boots by L’Emporio
Arms & Right Leg by SEKA
Left Leg by Skellybones
Helmet by HARO
Tattoo by Nefekalum Tattoos
Rings & Claws by CerberusXing

Outfit by Sole
Left Arm & Legs by Sparrow
Collar by CerberusXing
Ears by Cubic Cherry
Hair by adoness
Tattoos by Nefekalum Tattoos
Rings & Claws by CerberusXing

Outfit by Masoom
Boots by Static
Ears by CerberusXing
Left Arm by Radix
Right Hand by Wicca’s Originals
Cables by Inkhole
Hair by Ade
Eyebrows & Eye Neon by Madame Noir
Left Leg Accessory by SOLE
Eyepatch by Eclipse Art Studio
Headpiece by UNGOD

Top by CerberusXing
Arms by Wicca’s Originals
Boots by Wicca’s Originals
Hair by lock&tuft
Eyes by Madame Noir
Ears by CerberusXing
Accessories by SOLE
Headset by Wicca’s Originals
Head Implant by Wicca’s Originals

Outfit & Shoes by Gild
Arms by Wicca’s Originals
Hair by A&Y
Glasses by Bauhaus
Face Implants by PSYCHO:Byts

The right way is where your heart leads you! Welcome and thank you for looking in. If you just know a little bit about ,me, you will not expect the “Hi, I am Wicca Merlin, a model and blogger since 2008“ and then throw tons of big names at you. What is more to the point is that I do what I love in SL. I love fashion, I love blogging and I love teaching, I love being creative with styles and I just discovered a new love: Designing & Making Poses. I am proud of what I have achieved. Not because it tells me what a great person I am. It shows that you can really succeed doing what you love and how you think it is right. I worked hard, had fights and there have been people trying to tell me what to do – or what not to. I surely picked the harder way, but in my eyes it was worth it. I’d rather have one person I admire say WOW than a thousand half-hearted OKs. The WOW is the benchmark in everything I do. I owe it to myself and to the people I represent as a designer, model, blogger, stylist, photographer or teacher. ~ Wicca

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