The Body Electric

“Who would we think is beautiful if society didn’t tell us what beauty looks like?” This anonymous thought echoes a sentiment prevalent across worlds and poses a question with no clear answer. What is beauty? Is it skinny? Is it young? Can beauty be thick, or old, or scarred, or androgynous? Who decides? We believe beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, ages, colors, and more. In virtual worlds, we have control over how we choose to shape our bodies; sometimes we are reflections of our real world selves, and other times, we are vastly different. In all of these, those, there is beauty. Some of our AUDAZ team came together to demonstrate the power of body positivity and the beauty of body confidence. See their perspectives below.

Carley Benazzi

Ewan Crumb

Grazia Horwitz

Honey Bender

Ivyana Szondi

Khronoz Darkness

Marissa Almodovar

Melinda Bayn

Carley Benazzi

Grazia Horwitz

Damien Rayne

Photographers and Stylists: Carley Benazzi, Ewan Crumb, Grazia Horwitz, Honey Bender, Ivyana Szondi, Khronoz Darkness, Marissa Almodovar, Melinda Bayn, Damien Rayne.
Theme: Body Positive

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