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Pure White

Pure White

Completely, unequivocally white is more than simply the absence of colour. It is a bold declaration. It is confidence. It is brilliant ice on ice. The iconic Enzo Champagne brings his own striking statement to AUDAZ in classic white with his artistic montage, “Pure White.”

Escape from pressure. It’s like a new start – like a white page on which to write your future. But will it be pure or impure …”

Coat by Cureless Redlabel
Sweater by Riot
Pants by Mossu
Shoes by Instyl’men

Shoulders by Pauldron
Corset by Riot
Leggings by Riot
Shoes by AdiXXion
Jewels by Marked and Noche

Ensemble by Cureless Redlabel
Jewels by Marked

Fur by Wonton
Harness by Riot
Scales by Riot
Pants by Riot
Shoes by Rodex
Jewels by Marked

Hoodie by Riot
Pants by Mossu
Shoes by Rodex

Beanie by Bad Unicorn
Scarf by Phunk
Shirt by Riot
Jock strap by Riot
Jewels by Marked

Enzo Champagne is an artist, photographer, and style icon who is known for his creative photography in addition to his illustrious brand, CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture, clothier of many well-known faces in the Second Life® fashion industry for nearly a decade. Today, Champagne’s main focus is his art. In addition to his personal artistic endeavors, he is available for private work and can be contacted in-world for rates and appointments.

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