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AUDAZ Autumn 2020 Fashion Trends || Male Styles

AUDAZ Autumn 2020 Fashion Trends || Male Styles

On Friday, the ladies of AUDAZ brought you some of Fall 2020’s hottest fashion trends for women, and now the gentlemen have arrived. Some member of our male stylist team have brought their favorite looks to the page, from plaids to denim and more. Take a look at Fall’s trends for the guys.

Plaid Black

– On Ren Matsura-
Hair by .Shi
Bill Essencial Gloves by NOCHE
Zen Blazer by [Dope+Mercy]
Desi Turtleneck by David Heather
Deep House Pants by [Dope+Mercy]
Princeton Slippers (RARE) by SEUL

Fall in Fur

– On Ren Matsura-
Hair H0906 by Tram
Viona Fur Coat by David Heather
PRENZLAU Outfit by [KuddelMuddel]
Gala Mule by MULLOY

Red Bohemian

– On Israel –
Bohemian Hat by BONDI
Botanist Sunglasses by BONDI
Disc Downcoat by EXMACHIMA
Alric Blazer by David Heather
Alric Pants by David Heather
Chase Sneakers by [Deadwool]

Coats and Hoodies

– On Salvo Waydelich-
Ardy Fuzzy Trench by Paré
MOD 047 Galles 02 pants and shirt by [GUILTY]

– On Salvo Waydelich –
ELYO hoodie coat by Not so bad
Original Chino M3 by <Kalback>

Denim 2.0

On Salvo Waydelich –
Marc Jacket Denim by //Ascend//
Jarvis Pants with suspenders by //Ascend//

Puffed Up

– On Winter Jefferson –
Tyler Hair by Volthair
Military Mask by >>SL Fashion<< Designs
Fynn Jacket by 4BIDDEN
Meridian Pants by Dope + Mercy
Carter Pendant by Marked

Fall in Jacket

On Liam Netizen –
Shelby hair & hat by Modulus
Levi Hacking Jacket Homme Brown Plaid by ::K::
Levi Jodhpurus HerringboneTweed-Sand by ::K::
Gangsta shoes by {kokoia}

– On Liam Netizen –
St. Louis by lock&tuft
Erwin Suit Jacket by Not so bad
Leandro Suit Trouser by Not so bad
ANDY Desert boots by Not so bad
Umbrella Bag/Mahogany by David Heather

AUDAZ is proud to include Ren Matsura, Israel, Salvo Waydelich, Winter Jefferson, and Liam Netizen among our collaborative group of stylists, photographers, and artists.

© 2020. All Rights Reserved.

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