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AUDAZ. Do we have your attention?

AUDAZ. Do we have your attention?

Do we have your attention? We hope so, because we don’t think you are going to want to miss what AUDAZ is planning on bringing to the Second Life® platform! After a week of teasers and down-low buzz, you may have wondered what the hype is all about. AUDAZ is the brainchild of a small group of fashion-art enthusiasts who join together with the goal of bringing something new and refreshing to the Second Life® platform.  AUDAZ embraces diversity and global representation, social change and inclusiveness. Our belief in the importance of empowering our talents and promoting diversity as driving the fashion industry towards true inclusion is paramount.

AUDAZ Collaborators Ewan Crumb, Salvo Waydelich, Chase Parthicus, and Ella Pavlona

AUDAZ moves forward into a new chapter in the SL® fashion industry, showcasing wide-ranging talents within the areas of creative fashion styling, photography, models, bloggers and artists across the grid.  Khronoz Darkness, AUDAZ CEO, explains, “The goal of AUDAZ is to achieve inclusiveness in all artistic roles that exist in the Grid, in which models, photographers, bloggers and artists who are part of the Second Life community, can have access to a platform so  they can express their art in a free way, simply expressing themselves as they wish, without feeling repressed.”

AUDAZ Stylists blackLiquid Tokyoska and Wicca Merlin

As a fashion-art based organization, AUDAZ is excited to be planning several new projects for our debut this fall, including the webzine release. This net-based publication will contain rolling weekly content featuring but not limited to the styling and photographic artwork of our team, current and upcoming trends, and spotlight features on the content creators we love and those new to the grid. According to AUDAZ COO Xandrah Sciavo, AUDAZ will also include features on the people, places, and organizations that inspire us. “For many of us who spend our time in various parts of the industry, fashion is central to what we do, but it’s definitely not the only meaningful aspect to what we do, enjoy, and how we thrive within our virtual community. We learn, we explore, we admire art, we seek entertainment – all of this and more is a part of our second lives, and this is why we also want to highlight places like Burrow Company, which you’ll see in our first week, and others. We’re primarily fashion with a bit of lifestyle and entertainment sprinkled in, because those are the things that enhance our lives here.” When asked about his own goals for the creation and development of this new group, Darkness elaborated: “I would like to see projects that embrace diversity, the representation of social changes, inclusiveness, since we live them in our real life and somehow we transport all of that to our second life. The projects that excite me mainly within AUDAZ are the creation of the webzine platform where we hope to highlight the range of talents that exist in Second Life fashion community, as well as the fashion-based productions that are planned.”

AUDAZ Collaborators Honey Bender, Liam Netizen, Luka Benton, Ren Matsura

Indeed, in addition to the publication, AUDAZ plans to host progressive, creative productions that strive to serve as a live showcase of the talents of content creators, stylists, and models alike. AUDAZ Creative Director Winter Jefferson joins AUDAZ with a rich decade-long background in innovative fashion production and has a host of ideas brewing that aim to bring excitement to the runway and stage. Jefferson says, “As Creative Director of AUDAZ I intend to bring back a show-stopping level of fashion event, combined with a refreshed outlook on what we now have the tools to achieve.  You can expect us to perform explosive stadium events alongside boutique designer showcases, collaborations with the most creative people and exhibitions of the finest sims Second Life has to offer.” Jefferson has already been constructing plans for an inaugural production slated for later in 2020 and beyond. He says, “Over the rest of this year, we have an introduction show with the talented AUDAZ models planned where they will be flaunting their own wicked stylings as a taste of what we can do. The holiday season will invite the grid to New York in collaboration with the esteemed event Tlalli – The Fair Around the World. We’ll also have some surprise inclusions studded in the calendar like sparkling jewels, but I’m keeping those hush for now. I’m a showman and I believe in always keeping you wanting more.”

AUDAZ Founder and Executive Linda Reddevil

“AUDAZ is Art, in capital letters. It is something out of the ordinary, it is a way of seeing fashion from another perspective. AUDAZ is irreverent, it is revolutionary, it is trend, it is inclusion, it is diversity.. – Khronoz Darkness, AUDAZ CEO

AUDAZ Founder and Executive Carley Benazzi

AUDAZ aims to transcend traditional fashion as much of the industry knows it and recognizes the overall SL fashion genre belongs not solely to the “SL Model” but to everyone who celebrates it within this virtual world we share. Some of us had roots in the SL modeling industry, but we are even more than that. We are also bloggers, stylists, artists, photographers, costumers, and performers. We celebrate this virtual art form on platforms ranging from print to social media outlets and on stages and runways. We are multicultural and come in different shapes and sizes, and we believe that there is a place for everyone who enjoys the harmony of fashion and art in every form.

AUDAZ Collaborators Tempest Rosca-Huntsman
\and Melinda Bayn

Darkness summarizes his thoughts on his new project with the following: “AUDAZ is Art, in capital letters. It is something out of the ordinary, it is a way of seeing fashion from another perspective. AUDAZ is irreverent, it is revolutionary, it is trend, it is inclusion, it is diversity. The objective of AUDAZ is to be a forward concept in which fashion can be seen from another perspective, to appreciate longtime industry talents and to meet artists that perhaps have not yet been introduced to the mainstream. We want to open up to new generations on the grid who want to exhibit what they appreciate as fashion art from a variety of different perspectives.”

AUDAZ Founder and Creative Director Winter Jefferson

In the words of Jefferson, the organization’s resident production expert, ”I’m very thrilled to be one of the collective highlighting the foremost style and sensation in Second Life. You may think you know fashion, but you haven’t seen it through the AUDAZ lens.”  AUDAZ is bold and limitless. We respect and celebrate the broad spectrum of perspective on what makes fashion and art impactful and meaningful in our second lives. We are excited to embark on this journey and welcome everyone along for what promises to be an amazing ride.

AUDAZ Founders Winter Jefferson, Carley Benazzi, Khronoz Darkness,
Xandrah Sciavo, Miele Tarantal, & Linda Reddevil

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